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At ChildFund New Zealand, helping young people is vital to ensuring we can build strong and healthy communities. However, in many places where we work, youth struggle with social pressures, lack of economic and employment opportunities, and not enough resources to thrive. 

Places like Kiribati. 

In the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, more than half of the youth population are unemployed. This can lead to increased violence, criminal activity or drug and alcohol abuse. And, without adequate opportunities, there is a sense of hopelessness, which only seems to get worse with each passing year. 

Taubuki's Story

"Everyone used to tell me I am useless, because I don't have a job and I didn't go to school," Taubuki told the ChildFund team in Kiribati. "It hurts because I know it's the truth." 

For young people like 25-year-old Taubuki, from Betio, Kiribati, ChildFund has been developing a new programme focused on giving youth a helping hand, by providing opportunities for education, skills development and future employment. 

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By donating $180, $80, or even $45 to ChildFund's youth programme, you are giving a helping hand to future leaders around the world: basic education, vocational training and safe spaces to build relationships and identify new pathways to reach their goals.

Children and youth are the reason ChildFund exists. Please help us meet the needs of so many youth in the communities where we work by making a donation of any amount to our Youth Programme today. 

Learn more: ChildFund Kiribati is changing lives for youth in the Pacific. Watch the video.

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