We want action against climate change

Climate change is happening now and it’s affecting all of us. Vulnerable communities around the world are being impacted by droughts and food shortages. Our Pacific neighbours are being threatened with extreme weather. With heavy rainfall here in New Zealand, Kiwi homes are being flooded.

We urgently need to take action against. And we have a plan on how to do this. We’re working with a diverse, nationwide network of environmental, aid, community and youth organisations to ask all political parties to agree on action against climate change. 

Some of the biggest names in humanitarian aid and development are behind the Back the Plan: Back to Zero campaign aimed at making the connection with New Zealand’s action on climate change and the billions of dollars being spent to help marginalised communities around the world.

‘Extreme weather events, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as water crisis as a result of climate changes were identified as global risks.’ - World Economic Forum 2017 Global Risk Report

What can we do to stop climate change?

We need a plan. Generation Zero has come up with a plan. The Zero Carbon Act.

The youth climate action group Generation Zero, supported by ChildFund, as part of a coalition of international aid organisations and many others, has launched the Zero Carbon Act. A piece of draft legislation making it compulsory for future Governments to make New Zealand carbon neutral by 2050.

Aid agencies believe having a law that binds successive governments will raise the conversation in New Zealand above politics and beyond the election cycle. By backing Generation Zero’s Zero Carbon Act we are moving the conversation on so we can be a confident contributor to fighting the climate change that is threatening our neighbours now.

We need your help

This year is an election year, and we want all political parties to #BackThePlan to get New Zealand #BackToZero carbon emissions by 2050 and put the Zero Carbon Act in law. We need all MPs to agree to take action, climate change is bigger than politics.

Help move climate change to the top of the agenda – above politics and beyond parties and into action.

Sign the petition

We’re putting together a petition to send to the political leaders, asking them to agree on meaningful action against climate change. The petition will be sent from all of the organisations involved, to all MPs elected in September. 

Visit the Generation Zero website to sign the petition.

We’re asking political parties to

Work together and look beyond election cycles. To take meaningful action against climate change by passing a new law to establish a climate commission, set a long-term goal and give Aotearoa New Zealand a plan to get there.  

Spread the word

As well as signing the petition, you can also become an advocate for the cause. Find out more about how to do this in our advocacy toolkit


Climate change facts

  • 2016 was the warmest year in New Zealand, (NIWA annual climate survey 2016)

  • In New Zealand, sea level rise is projected to rise by 30 cm by 2065. (Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment 2015)

  • Climate legislation (similar to the UK Act) have been introduced in a range of countries. This includes Denmark, Finland, Mexico and Ireland, as well as states and provinces in the United States, Canada and Australia. (Generation Zero)
"New Zealand is being affected by climate change and impacts are set to increase in magnitude and extent over time. Floods, storms, droughts and fires will become more frequent unless significant action is taken to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases which are changing the climate." (Royal Society Report 2016)