You may be interested in being more involved, to bring to the table not just a financial commitment but ideas, insights and experience that supports ChildFund’s work. Therefore, we have established the Change Creators, a group of generous individuals to sponsor specific projects within our dedicated areas.



By becoming a Change Creator, we will discuss with you communities’ long term development plans, and how you could contribute to helping communities achieve their goals.

Funds will be raised collectively, and as a group you will decide on which project these funds are directed under one of the three themes:

1. Life essentials - ensuring children’s basic needs are met. This includes water, education, healthcare, nutrition and maternal-child health.

2. Family security - supporting parents with the skills and resources that will allow them to grow healthy, happy, educated children. This includes initiatives to grow family livelihoods and food sources.

3. Future building - building confident, committed and engaged youth to ensure communities are to succeed into the future. This includes giving youth access to skills and resources to derive incomes. Via regular updates, you will find it exciting to track how plans are progressing, and there is the life-changing opportunity to visit the communities that are stronger and happier through your support.


Current project


Change Creators Timor-Leste Project: Strengthening youth economic development & employment in rural Timor-Leste.

Timor-Leste is a young country, with approximately 60% of the population under the age of 25. These young people are both the hope of the nation and its biggest challenge. They often lack in essential life and livelihood skills and are often undervalued by adults. This gives them little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty. There is a desperate need and want to help them get ahead, they are the future of their country. This Change Creator project will help youth gain the skills and business know how to find employment or to start their own business.

“We are both delighted to be a part of Change Creators. We love getting to know the stories’ of children and their families, and see how our contribution changes their lives. It means a lot to us that we can be involved in where our gift is going. Most of all, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to visit the project in Vietnam once it has been completed.” - John and Valerie Churchill, Auckland.

Why be a Change Creator?

Debbie and Craig explain why they became Change Creators and what being involved means to them and their family.

Past projects


ChildFund New Zealand’s Change Creators have supported a project in Vietnam to provide parents with the skills and resources that will allow them to grow healthy, happy and educated children. This includes initiatives to grow family livelihoods and improve food sources.

The kindness and commitment of our Change Creators is life-changing for children and their families in Vietnam! See what their awesome effort has achieved below:

•  Families have received agricultural training on growing crops and animal raising.
•  72 households have received training in potato growing. This is an innovative crop that utilizes unused land that will contribute to income generation for families.
•  ChildFund’s partner, the Vegetable and Fruit Institute, provided training to farmers and on-site technical support, and will purchase the potatoes grown to on-sell to a commercial buyer.

Families have also received training on ginger plantation, a new livelihood for local people initiated by ChildFund. The advantages of growing ginger include:
•  Suitable with the local soil and climate conditions
•  Farmers only have to buy seedlings for their first crop. From second crop onwards, they can use some of the harvested ginger as seedlings for the next crop
•  Ginger is in high demand. They can sell at 9,000 to 12,000 VND per kilogram depending on market demand.

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