The festive season is a time when we come together to celebrate with our loved ones. But while we are counting our blessings, there will be children who are suffering, their lives torn apart by emergencies like the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar or the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. 

After the immediate emergency response, the crisis doesn't end for these children. Often, they find themselves in desperate circumstances, at risk of hunger, cold, diseases and violence. 

Children lose everything when an emergency strikes - and right now, there are children living in fear, without the basic necessities of life. They urgently need your help. 

At this joyous time of year, when we're celebrating with family, will you send a special gift to give these children the help, and the hope, they so desperately need?

"I had to run away to save my life. I felt afraid. There were so many people rushing around that I couldn't look back. I had to keep running." - Taslima, 10

Ten-year-old Taslima (pictured) is a Rohingya refugee who fled horrific violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state. After her father was killed in an attack on her village, she walked barefoot for five days with her uncle and sisters before reaching the Minnerghona camp in Bangladesh. 

No child should have to face that, especially at this time of year, and we need your help to change it. 

Please donate today and give children the help they need this holiday season.

Yes, I'll donate oncemonthly!
$15 is a monthlyone off payment to help change children's lives.

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