Children need your help now to beat the most terrifying side effect of COVID-19: hunger.

Job losses. School closures. Social isolation. All of us are feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, but none so much as those who were already living in extreme poverty – especially children whose families can no longer put food on the table. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 9 people globally did not have enough to eat (FAO). Now, even more children and families will face life-threatening hunger.

Children like Droupadi. 

When public markets close, Droupadi’s family has nowhere to get their food. When food is less available, prices spike, making it less affordable – especially if Droupadi’s mother loses her job. When schools and early childhood centres close, Droupadi loses the reliable meals she ate there. And when Droupadi can’t get the amount or the variety of food she needs, malnutrition isn’t far behind.

No child should have to grapple with hunger on top of the many other crises brought on by COVID-19. We’re providing support directly to help children – like Droupadi – and their families, so they can get what they need to survive this emergency.

At a moment when your gift could literally save a life, every dollar counts. Please give today.

ChildFund is responding to COVID-19 in 60 countries, reaching 6.3 million children youth and family members in the coming months. Our plan helps to stop the spread of the virus and mitigate its potential harm, whether direct or indirect, to children:

1. Stop COVID-19 from infecting children and families.

To help children and families protect themselves from COVID-19, we are installing community hand-washing stands; educating communities about symptoms, hygiene measures and where to get tested or treatment; and distributing soap, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks to families and frontline health workers. For children who are being treated for COVID-19 or are subject to quarantine measures, we are creating child-friendly spaces with age-appropriate toys and reading matter.

2. Ensure that children get the food they need.

To ensure that the most vulnerable families can keep food on the table, pay rent and cover other basic needs, we are providing cash for those families most needing this support, such as those who have lost their income because of COVID-19, child or elder-headed households, and/or households affected by disability or chronic illness. Where possible, we are distributing food and basic household items directly, carefully abiding by COVID-19 protection measures.

3. Keep children safe from violence — physically and emotionally.

We are supporting community-based child protection systems that identify, respond to and refer cases of abuse, neglect, violence or exploitation. We are also providing virtual, online psychological first aid and counseling, and supporting temporary shelters for children who live on the street, providing hygiene supplies, food and other basics. We are also arranging safe and appropriate care for children who are separated from their caregivers due to treatment or prevention measures.

4. Help children continue their job: learning.

While schools remain closed, we are supporting children’s learning through activities and tutoring sessions online or by radio. For students in places where internet access is unavailable or unreliable, we are distributing home learning kits with materials and guides for their use.Together we will fight to protect children from not only COVID-19 but also the cascade of effects from the world’s response to it. Families are at the centre of our efforts. The degree to which they can hold on to their stability and sustain their children’s development is the degree to which they will be move forward when COVID-19 has passed.
xOur goal is that they go forward strong.

Please give generously and help us reach those most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

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ChildFund is responding to the needs of vulnerable children and families due to COVID-19. Will you help?

ChildFund is responding to COVID-19 in 60 countries around the world. We need your help to reach the most vulnerable children and families with prevention, emergency food, protection and education. Please donate now.