Having a baby should be one of the most exciting times in a new mother's life. But for women like Katere, motherhood is scary. 

She lives in rural Kenya, far from a health clinic. The nearest health care professional is a full-day's walk away. 

Katere knows she will have to deliver her baby at home. 

As the time draws nearer, her worries increase. If something goes wrong during delivery, she and her baby could die. 

It's no wonder she's scared. 

Even if she makes it safely through delivery, Katere knows that malaria will be a deadly threat to her newborn baby. Because young children are the most vulnerable to malaria, she worries about how she will keep her new baby healthy...

Your gift today, means more families like Katere's will have access to mosquito nets, nutritious food and the essential health services they desperately need. 

Thanks to you, pregnant mothers can stay safe, and their newborn babies can grow up healthy and strong. 

Your support will: 

- improve maternal health care in rural communities

- give more children access to essential health services and nutritious food

- reduce the deadly risk of malaria

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