Hanh is gripped with fear

Any day now, Hanh will go into labour. And she’ll be delivering her baby at home with only her family there to help her.

“There was a baby who nearly died because she was delivered at home. It makes me frightened as I am about to deliver my second child at home, with the only help from my family.”

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Hanh fears for her baby's future


If something goes wrong during the birth, Hanh will need to make her way to the local health centre. It’s far away from her home, overcrowded, and has very little equipment for use in emergencies. No wonder she’s worried.

Hanh also fears for her baby’s future. Her other child, Tho is only two years old. Already, he’s small for his age. When he gets sick, there’s little medical support available and Hanh worries she’s going to lose him.

“I worry that he won’t grow well and get ill more often because of the lack of nutrition and regular health check up.”

Hanh wonders how she’s going to keep her new baby healthy…

"At night, I worry that I can't deliver a baby safely...the scene of a dying baby haunts me every night in my sleep." - Hanh

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