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Hi my name is Paul. I am 14-year-old and I live in Central Province, Papua New Guinea.

My favourite thing about living in Central Province is living close to the big river.

My biggest challenge is not getting good education.

If I could change one thing about my community, it would be everybody helping  each other and supporting ourselves.

My dream is living in a community where we have plenty good food to eat.

One thing you may not know about Central Province is we love catching wallabies.

Please sponsor my community today.

How Sponsorship Works

1 Enter your details and become a community sponsor
2 We send a welcome pack and your donation goes directly to your community
3 You can connect online with Youth Ambassadors from your community who will share videos and stories to show you how your support is changing your community.
4 You will receive annual progress reports and updates from your community and will be invited to visit twice a year.
5 Once your community become self-sufficient you'll be invited to sponsor a new community in need of your help.

Life in Central Province

Get to know your community

Children are at the heart of all our work. Where children benefit, the community reaps the rewards, and where a community is strong and self-reliant, its children grow up healthy, resilient and successful. 

Watch the videos above created by our Youth Ambassadors to see first-hand what life is like for children in PNG.

You'll be supporting

Improving access to education for children by training teachers and improving schools.

Building the voice of children and strengthening the processes that protect them from violence

Improving community health through clean water, toilets and training in good hygiene practices.

Why Sponsor a Community?

You see the impact: You can communicate directly with young leaders in your community to see first-hand the impact your sponsorship is having. You can log on to our website to view all of the projects that are funded by your support. 

You are part of the solution: You can take an active role within your community by logging on to our website, discussing the issues that your community face directly with children who live there and assist with the creation of new projects and ways to help. 

You can create real change: Our sponsors and communities work together to create meaningful and lasting change. Our aim is to help a community to become independent and self-reliant, only then we will move on to the next community in need of help. 

Sponsor a community.change the world.

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$15 is a monthlyone off payment to help change children's lives.

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