What if your family's only toilet was a pig pen?


That's all Linh and her daughter Hanh have to use.

You can imagine how smelly and dirty this is.

Yet in Cao Bang, one of the poorest parts of Vietnam, only 1 in 6 families have a toilet. Families like Hanh’s are forced to use pig-pens, or the forest.

Hanh’s mum, Linh, hates it. She told our ChildFund team:

"It’s not convenient, safe or clean at all, but we do not have any other choices.  For women like me, we have to wait until it gets dark to use the place.  We do not want anyone to see us like that."

Everyone deserves dignity ... but the danger of diarrhoea is, it can be deadly.

In fact, every 40 seconds a child around the world under 5 years old dies from diarrhoea. Hanh is in the highest risk age-group – especially as she is already weak from poor diet.

But, you can help. 

By donating $100, $50 or even $20, you will help us provide toilets for 230 families, just like Linh's. Families who need safe toilets urgently. 

All Hanh needs now is you.

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Education for Hien

Hanh's only toilet is the family's pig pen.

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