Mother's Day is just around the corner, and soon, women in one of Zambia's poorest regions will have a safe, clean place in which to give birth - with vital medical equipment and life-saving vaccines that will help mothers and their babies thrive and survive. 

Thanks to the support of ChildFund New Zealand donors, we have been able to reach more than half of our goal... but there's still much more to be done. By supporting this project, you'll help us ensure that mums in Zambia can also have a Happy Mother's Day this year. 

Georgina’s story


“I was in labour throughout the night and there is no electricity - so the clinical officer was having a hard time to check on me using a candle."

For mothers like Georgina, who live in the remote, rural area of Luangwa, Zambia, giving birth isn’t the joyful occasion it might be for us: it’s absolutely terrifying.

Their existing health centre is dilapidated and has only has one room with one bed, and little else. No water, no electricity, no bed linen, no specialist medical equipment. Georgina was forced to use her own wrapper to lie on – and had to buy her own candle.

Luckily, for Georgina, her baby survived. But this isn’t often the case - the maternal and infant mortality rate in Zambia are among the highest in the world.

We are more than half way there! Will you help us finish this project by donating to this life-saving maternity health centre?

Story from a Kiwi mum


“Standing there made me think of my own birthing experience and the horror I would have felt if it was me giving birth there.”

Sally Angelson, ChildFund New Zealand’s Programme Manager, and mum to toddler Maisy, recently visited the Luangwa Health Post and was absolutely horrified by the conditions there.

 “It was just one fairly dirty room with one basic bed. There was a kidney shaped bowl holding all the tools used during birth (which was pretty much just a scalpel and not much else). In New Zealand, during my own birthing experience, I counted that there were seven specialists in the room at one point - in a clean, free hospital that I was driven to. Thinking of the women here, who probably have to walk in the excruciating pain that is labour and to give birth in those circumstances, is just incomparable.” 

By donating today, you will...

With the support of so many generous New Zealanders, we've started to improve the birthing conditions in Kavalamanja, Zambia... but there's still so much to do:

We need your help to:

  • Complete the construction of a 10-bed maternity health care centre and equip it with life-saving birthing and post-natal equipment.
  • Provide life-saving supplies to the clinic, including birthing kits and emergency post-natal equipment.
  • Attract qualified medical personnel by renovating staff housing.

How you can help

  1. $35 will help provide 25 bricks, along with cement and labour to build the maternity wing
  2. $55 will help provide essential birthing medical equipment
  3. $120 will help provide beds, mattresses and linen for the maternity wing

Please help mums like Georgina with the best start in life. Please donate today.

Will you help build a safer future for mums and babies?

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Mothers in Kavalamanja, Zambia are giving birth at a dilapidated health centre

Forced to walk long distances, mothers in Kavalamanja, Zambia are giving birth at a dilapidated health centre which currently only has one room with a bed, and little else. No water, no electricity, no specialist medical equipment.