What do you see in Dany’s eyes?


You don’t need a doctor to tell you hunger is killing Dany.

You can see the emptiness in his eyes. You can put your fingers around the 5 year old’s upper arm and make a circle the size of a 50cent piece.

In Luangwa, Zambia drought and poverty have left half the children Dany’s age and younger dangerously underweight.

Underweight is too polite a word for it. The medical term is ‘stunted’. If you could stand in the Medical Tent with Dany and his doctor, you’d see how tiny Dany is.

And if you could come into Dany’s primary school, you’d see him empty-eyed at his desk. Or closed-eyed on the floor. The hunger leaving him too weak to respond to questions, to play, to even stay awake.

That’s how death by hunger creeps up on children.

Your donation today can help provide nutritious vegetables to children like Dany to keep him strong, healthy and safe from hunger.

"More deaths than ever we had"

"I fear we are going to have too much sickness, too much death.” - Sebastian, Health Officer

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