The Vietnamese Government prioritises education in both strategy and budget allocation, yet major disparity in education quality remains. It’s not unusual to find children learning in temporary classrooms. Learning outcomes are poor due to the low quality of school managers, teachers, and inadequate learning conditions and facilities. Schools lack suitable child friendly facilitates - infrastructure is dilapidated, conditions are often dirty and unsafe, and there are inadequate recreation areas.

Local teachers are reliant on traditional methods of teaching and rarely share issues relating to schooling with commune authorities and parents. Many students attend school, but are not actively engaged in their learning, largely because there are few teaching aids and learning equipment.

Students also lack life skills and confidence, and so are unable to express their voice and agency. They also have limited access to social, cultural or sporting activities. 

ChildFund focuses on ensuring school buildings have adequate facilities, on promoting child-centered teaching methods, making sure children attend Early Childhood centres, and addressing the situation of unsafe school environments and engaging parents and the community in child learning.