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Sponsor Murukesu

My name is Murukesu.
I was born on 08/11/2002 and I live in Sri Lanka

The generosity of a sponsor will be very beneficial to Sulosana, who is a fatherless child. She has two brothers and a sister. They live with their mother in a remote village in Batticaloa. Sulosana studies in Grade six. Her favorite subject is Tamil. She likes to play with friends. Her hobby is reading books. Her father had passed away sometime back and so her mother is left with the responsibility of up-keeping the family. She works as a laborer to keep the home fires burning. But her income is extremely low with only around $.15/- a month. This is absolutely not enough to make ends meet. The children are deprived of good nutritious food, proper health care, educational support, cleaning clothing and other essential needs. They live in a temporary dwelling the walls of which are built with cement, the roof covered with tin sheets and the floor cemented. They do not possess sanitary facilities and water is obtained from a common well. Sulosana hardly can expect all that she needs in her young life. Having a sponsor will therefore, be a great help to this child and a godsend to her family.

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Sponsoring a Child


Choose the child who touches your heart

The truth is any child you meet here is waiting for a sponsor like you. They will be your special connection to a community. ChildFund works in the poorest communities in the world, and seeks out the poorest children in those communities to be sponsored. Perhaps there is one child here who simply touches your heart in a special way.

Whichever child you choose, we will send you:

- your child’s photo and story
- project and country information
- a booklet with everything you need to know about Child Sponsorship

Celebrate your sponsored child’s birthday and Christmas

Have trouble remembering birthdays? Getting organised for Christmas? Don’t we all?! That’s why ChildFund provides you with the option of an automatic Birthday and Christmas gift service for your sponsored child.

If you’d like to use it, it’s easy:

1. You decide the value of the gift you want to give at Birthday and/or Christmas.
2. Our ChildFund team meet your sponsored child and family. Together they decide the gift of most benefit.
3. You authorise the payment details, and then each year your gift is automatically provided.

Also each year we will send you Birthday and Christmas cards so you can add a personal message to go with your gift. Just return it to ChildFund and we arrange delivery and translation. When you send a card you’ll receive a thank you letter from your sponsored child!

Exchange letters and photos

You’re free to write to your sponsored child whenever you wish. You can send photos, or simple flat gifts – like stickers or postcards. These will be a surprise and delight to your sponsored child. They’ll like to write back and thank you, and share some of their life with you. You’ll see how you are helping. PLUS, from time to time ChildFund will even arrange Learning Gifts you can give your sponsored child. Your friendship and support will be a gift your sponsored child treasures.



How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

It costs $48 a month to sponsor a child, that’s just $1.60 a day. $43 goes to Child Sponsorship and $5 goes to ChildFund’s Future Fund.

How much of my sponsorship donations are sent overseas?

We send at least 80% of your Child Sponsorship donation overseas. See below for how your donations are used.

How do I know my donations really get there?

Each year ChildFund New Zealand is audited by KPMG.  Please view our Annual Report.  We also have an internal project monitoring team, who are in regular contact with projects.  We receive quarterly reports and visit key projects at least once a year to ensure the project is progressing as planned. Please click here to view our Statement of Accountability.

How does child sponsorship work?

Your regular donation is sent overseas to the community where your child lives.  You help to fund the projects that are most needed in the community.  So you help not only the child you sponsor but also their family and other children living in poverty in their area.

If you have more questions, please visit our Sponsoring a Child FAQs page, or just give us a call on  0800 808 822.  We would love to hear from you.