Kenya Facts

Emali is susceptible to droughts. Crop failure was more than 90% in and livestock loss was more than 70% in the 2009 drought.

·   Half of rural households have no access to a toilet

·   Nearly 30% of people collect their water from unsafe sources

·   The literacy rate is 65% compared to the national literacy rate of 71%

·   Only 42% of families can provide a balanced diet for their children

·   Because of its geographic location on a busy trucking route, children are at increased risk of sexual exploitation and human trafficking

What Do Children Want?

Children want a community where they have: 

·   Income security

·    Food security

·   Clean water

·   Safe sanitation facilities

·   Enough water for crops

·   Access to early childhood education and development

·   Quality education

·   Good nutrition

·   Children vaccinated

·   Access to quality healthcare

·   Children are safe and protected

·   Children’s rights are respected