Improved education for children and youth

A quality education provides children and youth with a solid foundation for the future. Better education leads to better knowledge and skills, and opens the doors for improved employment opportunities. 

Unfortunately, for various reasons, one in five children around the world don't complete primary school. 

At ChildFund, a key focus of our community Road Maps is to ensure all children can access a quality course of education. In Luangwa, Zambia, local schools haven't been adequately equipped to teach a range of students. To attend classes, children must either walk a far distance, or pay high fees to attend a boarding school. 

To address this issue, we have recently constructed additional classrooms in two Luangwa schools, extending the grade-range of teaching they can offer to students. Additionally, ChildFund has supported the construction of teachers' houses to help attract high-quality teachers to the school. 

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