Health in Vietnam

The rate of mothers and babies dying in childbirth in Cao Bang, Vietnam is disturbingly high. Partly, this is due to pregnant mothers working in labour intensive jobs – a situation which compromises their health as well as the child’s – leading to miscarriages, premature birth, and underweight newborns. 

Access to health centres is limited and existing centres lack suitable facilities, equipment and drugs to provide appropriate interventions to save the lives of newborns and mothers.

The rate of malnourished children under the age of five is high, and stunting is common. This has significant implications for children’s mental and physical development.

ChildFund works with authorities to ensure malnutrition rates decrease; all communes have national standard quality healthcare stations; and youth and women of reproductive age have the life and sexual and reproductive health skills to make informed choices.

Changing healthcare in Cao Bang

In rural Vietnam, access to healthcare isn't always easy. One of ChildFund's more recent projects is working to change this. Quoc Toan, a rural community, recently welcomed a new healthcare centre, making healthcare safer and accessible for over 2000 people.