Impact Investment Fund

Road Maps to independence.

Together with the communities we support, ChildFund New Zealand has developed a new way of working.

For many years, we have been talking to and, more importantly, listening to the people in the communities we help. Our conversations have always ended with their desire to be self-sufficient.

Just like you and me, every parent we talk to wants to be able to provide for their children themselves. They want a future their children can rely on.

So, ChildFund has pioneered a new way to work. We have developed community Road Maps. Each Road Map outlines the steps needed to secure a positive future for the whole community. Each Road Map is specific - developed hand-in-hand with the people it is written for. Each Road Map details the journey from poverty towards self-reliance – over 5, 10, or 20 years. From water, sanitation, and nutrition; to education and training; and economic sustainability. With your help, ChildFund is able to support communities, every step of the way.

Now we ask you to change the way you help, too.

We mean business.

Every Road Map culminates in an agreed level of social and economic independence. We aim to empower communities to manage their own affairs – on their own terms, with their own resources. Once we both feel confident we’ve reached the agreed point, we are able to move on to other communities, where other children desperately need our help.

So, we are helping communities build their own social enterprises - businesses designed to transform lives.

In September this year we launched an Impact Fund. We’re putting our reserves and bequest income to work, to drive economic development. Tagged in perpetuity, these funds will be used specifically to help our communities reach economic independence. 

Impact Funds will be invested in commercial, socially-responsible, managed investments. The revenue generated will ensure the Fund’s long-term sustainability and be available for us to invest directly in Social Enterprises.

Our Social Enterprise Programme, the final step in our Road Map, helps to identify community business opportunities - often born out of the foundation projects we have been supporting. We facilitate access to appropriate business training. We ensure the use of correct legal structures and robust business models. We help them develop suitable monitoring and reporting processes to support effective governance.

The growth of these community businesses, will complement existing donations, government grants and child sponsorship, so that families can achieve all the milestones in their Road Map.

Some of the Social Enterprises will provide opportunities for direct investment. Not donations, but Impact Investments. Impact Investments that generate financial returns as well as helping to bring about transformational social outcomes. 

We need your help.

We still need your child sponsorship and your donations – that hasn’t changed.

We ask you to consider your legacy. A Gift in your Will, will support our Impact Fund - that’s a gift in perpetuity!

And, if you have funds available for investment today, please consider how much good you could do, if you invested some of them for impact.

If you would like to know more about how your investment can help to change lives for children, for good, please call or email our CEO, Paul Brown, now., 0800 808 822