Why should I write a Will?

A Will ensures that your wishes can be carried out after death e.g. how your children will be provided for, what happens to your possessions, and how you would like your funeral to be conducted. If you die interstate - without making a Will - there are laws that determine what happens to your money and property. These might be quite different to what you would have wished and for many in New Zealand who die without making a will, this results in problems for those who are left behind. It can also result in your estate going to the Government. 

When should I write my Will? 

We encourage everybody aged over 18 to write a will. You don’t need to wait for a significant life event, such as a marriage or the purchase of a new home, to write a will. Using the referral code provided by ChildFund New Zealand, you can write your Will online today and receive 30% off the cost from Perpetual Guardian partner, Footprint. 

Why should I leave a gift in my Will to ChildFund? 

ChildFund’s projects ensure that change is community-owned and community-led. We cannot know what our communities will look like in fifty years’ time or where our help will be needed most. What we do know is that our help will always be needed. We will invest in community-led, socially responsible projects that provide new jobs and pathways out of poverty. We will work with recipients to develop sound business models that empower entire communities, providing a bright future for children. 

How will my legacy gift be used? 

Your legacy gift will be directed to an Impact Investment Fund. From there, it will go to a project where it will create transformational change for children and their communities. The Youth Employment & Entrepreneurship Project (YEEP) in Timor Leste is just one example of the sort of work your gift will support. As part of YEEP’s training-programme, young people were given training, support and access to capital to help them establish their own businesses and to secure a future beyond their dreams. Projects like this are the future and ensure that bequests continue working hard, long after we are gone. 

What is a residual gift? 

A residual gift is made after family and friends have been taken care of, and after all debts and expenses have been paid. Residual gifts are typically a percentage of what is left over from your estate. You can leave anything from 5% to 100% of your residual estate to ChildFund. In call cases, your gift will be invested to make lasting change. 

How does Impact Investment work? 

At ChildFund, we take the management of your legacy very seriously. ChildFund’s Impact Investment Fund will actively seek out and support communities in need, wherever they are. We want gifts in Wills both to sustain ChildFund long-term, and to support transformational change wherever it is needed most. We will use ChildFund legacy gifts to invest in projects that drive economic development, provide jobs and create a sustainable, independent future for all children. In the process, we will protect your capital so that your gift keeps on giving, long into the future. Your legacy will live on forever. 

Does ChildFund need to know that I’ve left a gift in my Will? 

You are under no obligation to inform ChildFund that you have left a gift in your will. One of the reasons we would like to know is to ensure that you are thanked and are kept up to date with our work. If you do decide to let us know, you do not need to tell us the value of your gift. Notification of a gift in a Will will always be treated with respect and kept in confidence. 

Do I have enough money to leave a gift in my Will to ChildFund? 

Every gift makes a difference. Alongside others who share our values, your gift will be invested to make transformational change for the children and communities they impact. 

What if I change my mind? 

You are free to change your mind at any time, whether or not you have informed us that you will be leaving a gift in your Will to ChildFund. 

I want to talk about this further. Who should I contact? 

If you would like to know more about making a gift in your will, please get in touch with Resh McGann at 022 4966 300. By leaving a gift for children in need, you can be sure that your gift will make lasting change. For children. For Good. For ever.