Livelihoods in Zambia

Drought is a regular occurrence in Luangwa, Zambia, so ChildFund has focused on irrigation systems for crops. As well, in 2015, ChildFund supported solar powered fences to protect large crop areas from wild animals.  

Agriculture, as the key livelihood activity, will continue to be a major focus of ChildFund’s work in Luangwa. Youth will be supported to produce chickens and grow vegetables; farmers will be supported in bee management and mushroom production, and pastoralists will be supported in milk production and pasture management. 

Combating drought in Zambia

Droughts often threaten farming in Zambia, meaning food and income security can be highly uncertain. ChildFund's project to rehabilitate a dam in Luangwa means farmers no longer have to worry about the impact of drought on their livelihoods.