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20 November 2018

Our message for Universal Children's Day

ChildFund Alliance's Secretary General shares a message on November 20th, Universal Children's Day

20 November 2018

The value of learning exchanges

What happened when two senior counsellors from domestic violence Hotline visited New Zealand for a learning exchange

18 October 2018

Witnessing incredible growth in Kenya and Zambia

Our CEO, Paul Brown, shares from his recent trip to Africa

12 October 2018

Sorry! There's been an issue with our new finance system...

Everything you need to know

25 September 2018

Reaching for the World Through Her Garden

ChildFund’s lead mother program is paving the way for mothers to think differently

05 September 2018

World Rugby and ChildFund ‘pass it back’ to change children’s lives through sport

17 July 2018

The amazing women of Emali

ChildFund's Programme Manager meets some extraordinary people on a visit to Kenya.

09 July 2018

This is why we choose to sponsor!

ChildFund staff members share why they sponsor a child

01 July 2018

Line to the Heart

The ChildFund/New Zealand Aid Programme-funded Counselling Hotline in Papua New Guinea receives dozens of calls each day from people suffering from, or reporting, abuse. ChildFund’s Shona Jennings talks to two Hotline staff from the 1-tok Kaunselim Helpim Lain.