Lindsay Bennett, Digital Media Executive and Fundraising Coordinator, writes about Kiwi generosity, tax credits and the potential for even more good.

If you donated more than $5 this year, you should have received a tax receipt

Kiwis are some of the world’s most generous givers.  According to the “World Giving Index” compiled by the British Aid Foundation, New Zealand tops the chart for generosity.

So, if you’re one of those amazingly generous Kiwis, and you give say, $20 a month, to your favourite charity (like ChildFund New Zealand!), your generous annual donation amounts to $240.  Your tax credit will allow you to claim one-third of that donation.  With $80 you can go out and treat a friend to a nice dinner, or take your family out to the movies, or buy yourself a coffee before work for a month!

But what would happen if generous Kiwis decided not just to have a nice meal, but to make the world an even better place by using their tax credit differently?  Imagine all the good that could be done.

Here are a few ways that you could use your tax credit to do even more good:

  1. Give a gift (like a pair of goats, or a sheep, or a cow) to a family in need.
  2. Want an excuse to train for that half-marathon or to take part in a fun run? leave a legacy by donating the money in that account as a bequest to your favourite charity.
  3. Give a one-off donation to an emergency that desperately needs funds, like the West Africa Famine Crisis.
  4. Go to a community fundraising site (like Everyday Hero, or Fundraise Online) and split the money between several deserving fundraisers or give it all to your favourite one.
  5. Donate your tax credit back to the charity you gave to initially.  That donation will count toward next year’s tax credit!

Whatever you decide to do with your tax credit, the fact that you’ve received one means that you’ve been incredibly generous this year.  Thank you!

Part of the IRD Tax Credit Claim Form

If you want to donate your tax credit back to ChildFund, simply download the IRD Tax Credit Claim Form, and fill in sections 8,9, and 10 with the details below:

Account Holder’s Name: ChildFund NZ Ltd   A50xxxxxx  (This is your ChildFund ID number, so we can attribute this donation to you.)
Bank Details:  11-3011-0118526-61
IRD number: 102-700-112
Amount to transfer: (Your tax credit amount)

Thank you for your generosity!

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