01 August 2019

A child sponsor’s special excursion to Ethiopia

Learn about ChildFund donor, George Hunter’s special visit to Ethiopia to meet one of his ChildFund sponsored children

ChildFund has served children in Ethiopia since 1972, addressing a lack of access to good food and water which has contributed towards malnutrition and disease. Since 2015, ChildFund has addressed the serious food shortages in the country by distributing nutritious food to the most vulnerable members of the population (i.e. children under 5, lactating and pregnant women, and the elderly).

Since the early 1990’s, George Hunter has sponsored children all around the world, helping those who need it the most. We interviewed George at the completion of his recent visit to Ethiopia, and here’s what he shared with us from his visit.

Upon his arrival in Ethiopia, George brought a selection of gifts to present to his sponsored child Sehin, including six exercise books, 12 pens, two eye glasses and a ball with its own pump. He also brought a pair of hand gloves, a small hand bag and a small selection of hand creams.

Sehin was very happy to meet with George, and was very appreciative of the new gifts.

George also gave the ball with its own pump to Sehin’s younger brother, who had also received some money from George to purchase a goat for the family. The entire family was happy and eager to meet with George.

During the visit, George learnt more about his sponsored child’s family, including a visit to local projects (such as a water installation project) and what this has achieved through the contributions of other sponsors. He also visited Sehin’s local school to discover what has been happening there, including the purchase of library reference books as well as a class room construction project which has been started as a result of contributions from ChildFund donors just like George.

We’d like to give a special shout out and thanks to our ChildFund donor, George Hunter. With supporters like George, we’re not only helping children to thrive but we’re also creating the change we’re it is needed the most.

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