It’s hard to believe, but for less than $20 you can make a child’s dream come true this Christmas.

This time last year, 7 year old Yonikka wanted one thing in life: to walk to school in her own pair of shoes. Her old jandals were falling apart. Sadly, Yonikka’s single mother was too poor to buy her a new pair of shoes. But thanks to a kind Gifts that Grow shopper like you, Yonikka got her Christmas wish. When her shoes arrived she pulled them out of the box with a huge smile on her face. Now, they’re her pride and joy!

A Pair of Shoes & Socks for a child costs just $19.  You can make a dream come true for a child like Yonikka buy purchasing a pair from the Gifts that Grow catalogue


For more information about meaningful gifts for children and families, visit the Gifts that Grow online catalogue.

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