Having access to clean, safe, running water at home was once a dream for Martha's family.

From walking for at least 3km to access dirty river water, Martha and her family in Emali, Kenya can now access clean water right at home, thanks to your support!

Martha's family, along with over 3,000 others, have been able to connect new water pipes, funded by generous donations from Kiwis, to their homes. This means that not only do Martha and her sister have clean water to drink, they now get to spend more time playing and her mum can spend more precious time with her daughters. What could be more important than that?

By funding brand-new water pipes in this community, you have ensured that overall family health is improved, children have more time to study and parents have more free time to take up other, income-generating activities.

We are so grateful to you for making these huge changes to children's lives. 

Thousands of children in Emali, Kenya now have access to clean water - thanks to you!

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