When Ayo’s dad abandoned the family, and a drought came, things became very tough. That’s why the drought-resistant vegetable seeds given by Kiwis were such a help.


Ayo’s mum told ChildFund staff:
“It was dry; the farms were empty and there was nothing growing. I was worried and desperate. We didn’t have enough to eat since I used to be a casual worker and was often sick. My children would worry a lot about me.


Now we have seeds, and they are growing, I will not need to buy vegetables from the market. I will also have plenty to sell and make some money. I can dream of my children studying and having their own farms one day.”

As for Ayo, the 7 year old has a different dream. He told our ChildFund team: “I want to be a doctor so I can treat the sick.


That dream can GROW from your gift of a $5 pack of drought-resistant vegetable seeds. Every child deserves a gift like that!

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