01 February 2019

A heartwarming story - told by our sponsors!

Debbie and Craig Trent visit our programme areas in Vietnam

By Debbie and Craig Trent, ChildFund supporters

Visiting our two sponsored girls in Vietnam was an enriching experience. To see the kind of homes that they live in and how they use every little piece of ground possible to grow crops. We met the girls at their school and we ate, chatted, drew pictures and toured the school with them. Our children showed them how to play handball and we gave out a number of handballs, too. It was fantastic to see all the different ways that ChildFund has contributed to the grounds and life of the school. 

Now, the letters we receive from the girls are more engaging, with one of the girls saying “I love the soft toy you gave me and I sleep with it every night.” “I will try my best to study English so the next time I meet you, I can talk to you without an interpreter.” 

We were so impressed with ChildFund in Vietnam, their organisation of our visit and their attention to detail was exceptional. We visited two of the offices and spent time chatting with Deborah Leaver, ChildFund Vietnam’s Country Director, discussing their strategy and vision for the future. To see all the letters being processed and the work that goes in behind the scenes to help these needy communities was so encouraging to know our money is being well spent. 

We visited a heath care centre that we had helped to finance. We were so impressed that it was only 15 months from when we said we would contribute, to when we visited and saw it completed. Considering the Vietnamese government paid for half or it, and it wasn’t a typically easy build with a lot of retaining required at the back, we were blown away with the outcome. 

ChildFund recently ran a campaign communicating the need for preschools in Vietnam. So we visited the site and saw one under construction and now it has been completed and up and running. Again, fabulous to see these needs in the community being meet in a timely and efficient manner. 

The Vietnamese people were lovely and it was a great way so show our kids how privileged our lives are in New Zealand. Can’t wait to visit again!


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