Watch the video below to see how a partnership between ChildFund and Fonterra is changing the lives of Sri Lankan preschoolers.


In August 2011, Fonterra began working with ChildFund to enhance the nutrition, health, and education of children in Sri Lanka. Since then, 9 early childhood centres have been rehabilitated and 9 home-based early childhood programmes have been established, improving facilities and also extending the reach of early childhood education. 

At each of the early childhood centres children receive nutritious meals and vitamins to improve their health. Teachers and mothers have been trained to provide the best activities for children’s development. Mothers also received seeds and nutrition training to help them grow nutritious vegetables for the children at home.

Update: All ChildFund projects with 
Fonterra have finished. 


For more information about ChildFund's work in Sri Lanka, please visit the Sri Lanka country page.  To help change a child's life, please Sponsor a Child in Sri Lanka.

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