10 May 2019

A new group of young people begin secondary school in Emali, Kenya

ChildFund donors provide more than 300 bursaries to children in need

According to an evaluation by UNICEF (2017), less than half of all children in Kenya (43 percent) transition from primary school to either secondary school or vocational training. Without a quality education, it can be quite challenging for young people to find decent employment in their local communities. This can lead to further complications when youth leave town and head to other, bigger, cities in search of better opportunities.

Thanks to the support of Kiwi child sponsors, 327 children from Emali (the community where ChildFund New Zealand works) were recently given bursaries to attend secondary school. In addition, 13 differently-abled children from Emali were also supported to attend schools which are equipped for their special needs.

We believe all children should be able to attend, and complete, school. That’s why our strategy is to promote enrolment in secondary school and provide access through initiatives like this bursary programme.

How it works: A bursary application is completed by the student and given to our team in Emali. The applications are reviewed and narrowed down, based on a series of minimum requirements, including items like academic performance and family need. The majority of students given bursaries were orphans and some of the community’s most vulnerable young people.

This cohort of students who have received bursaries is the largest ChildFund New Zealand has seen since the programme began, and we are anticipating the trend will continue in the future.


You can help even more children thrive! If you’d like to help more children and youth (like these students in Emali) to thrive, you can sponsor a child, join our monthly giving program, or purchase an item from our Gifts that Grow Catalogue.

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