Can you imagine having to walk 8 kilometres each way to school every day - facing perilous terrain and the threat of elephants and other dangerous animals?

Thanks to the generosity of kind Kiwis, children in Luangwa, Zambia can now attend a brand-new school much closer to home.

A new 3-classroom block in the community means that 135 pre-school children can begin their primary education without having to walk such long distances, and mums and dads know that their children will be safe on their way to school.

Want to create long lasting change for children in Zambia and beyond? Why not choose to donate monthly to ensure children have access to the education they need to escape a life trapped in poverty.

New Zealanders build new classrooms for children in Zambia

Children no longer have to walk 8kms to get to school thanks to generous New Zealanders.

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