05 August 2019

A Sponsors Special Visit to Vietnam

On a recent trip to Vietnam, ChildFund sponsors Kevin Chan & Angela Poon paid a visit to one of their sponsored children in the province of Cao Bang.

Recently, Kevin and Angela Poon made a visit to their sponsored child located in Cao Bang, one of poorest mountainous villages in the North of Vietnam. The people living within this region are mainly farmers who grow crops to feed their families. They’re also actively involved in farming crops to sell within their community to cover the costs required to fund their daily essentials. However, an often-low yield makes it difficult to provide enough food and to produce an income sufficient enough to meet the basic needs of their family.

Since 2012, Kevin and Angela Poon have sponsored Bian, who is a 14-year-old child living with her grandmother, parents, brother and sister within the village. Although Bian faces many difficulties in her schooling, she enjoys learning and playing with her peers.

During the recent visit to their sponsored child, the Poon’s had brought several gifts to present to their sponsored child, including stationery, clothing, blankets, a backpack as well as inexpensive jewelry, etc.   

They also managed to visit a ChildFund-supported health station and a local household where they tasted boiled corn and corn wine.

Kevin and Angela expressed their gratitude for the work that ChildFund had been facilitated in Vietnam. They stated that “the hard work and multiple projects which your team strive to help children and the communities they live in is hugely beneficial.” The visit was honestly the highlight of our two-week trip to Vietnam and I would encourage all sponsors to do something similar, should they have the opportunity.”

Thank you again to Kevin and Angela Poon for sharing their story. It’s only with the help of our sponsors that we can continue our mission of helping children to thrive.

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