30 October 2019

A visit to a newly-constructed health clinic in Luangwa, Zambia

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In 2018, ChildFund supporters helped fund the construction and renovation of a rural health clinic in the Luangwa region of Zambia. This week, two ChildFund New Zealand staff members traveled to Luangwa to see the project in action. Here is their story: 

"Yesterday, we visited the Kavalamanja Health Centre and Maternity Wing in Luangwa, Zambia. We met with some amazing volunteers (pictured), named Safe Motherhood Action Groups (SMAGs). These women help mothers before and after their birth. They perform health visits, encourage mothers to visit the hospital, support best hygiene practices, raise awareness about the use of malaria nets, help with household chores, and explain the importance of mother and baby nutrition."

"They are thrilled with their new maternity ward, where mothers are now properly treated and cared for, and they have the tools and information needed to provide mothers with the best ante- and post-natal support." 

It's great to see this project completed and maternal healthcare improved in Luangwa, Zambia. To help ChildFund do even more to help mothers and their babies to thrive, considerdonating to help build another maternal health clinic in Kenya from our Gifts that Grow catalogue. Thanks to everyone for their support. 

To read more about the trip to Zambia, read Marie's daily journal, here.

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