Just eight months ago, people in East Africa were caught up in the world’s worst famine crisis in 60 years.


Together with the great many other wonderful Kiwis who rallied to our call, ChildFund supporters raised a total of $618,000 and in the process, saved the lives of thousands of children.


With this incredible generosity from Kiwis, ChildFund was able to feed 25,473 children aged 6 to 14 like Belinda. 10 year old Belinda survived the famine, along with her three brothers and two sisters.


“We used to eat three meals a day before the drought. But during the emergency period our parents could manage to feed us only once in a day. Most of the time, I had to go to school without food, feeling hungry and weak and not attentive in class. All of us in the family lost hope. Now, thanks to ChildFund, I can eat enough and am attending school with a full stomach!” - Belinda


Kiwi generosity has made an enormous impact:

  • You helped us distribute more than 1,160 tons of life saving UNIMIX porridge to the famine zone.
  • You gave 114 primary school children a daily meal since last September. Without this, many of them would have perished.
  • You helped to feed 9,186 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers


In total, wonderful ChildFund supporters have helped save the lives of more than 82,000 people including children, pregnant mothers, and mothers with newborn babies, like Nicole and her twins.


“I thank ChildFund for saving me from the worst drought in my life, and may God bless everyone involved with their good work. This has really saved the lives of my two children, whose health had really deteriorated until I was scared they would die. I was not feeding well, since I had no food. At times I would go a whole day without a meal, and as a result, I was not producing enough breast milk to feed my two children.” - Nicole


Thank you for making this amazing work possible!


For information about the crisis now occuring in West Africa and ways you can help, please visit our West Africa Famine Crisis Appeal page.

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