Last year, so many of our kind and generous supporters helped orphans and vulnerable children through our Africa Orphan Rescue campaign. Their loving gift has achieved so many great things!


  • Over 2,000 children were supplied with regular meals. We had enough Unimix porridge to make over 120,000 meals for malnourished children, which was enough to last for three months!


  • Vulnerable children had clean water to drink. The installation of a sand dam, water storage tanks, plus other water safety measures saved many, many precious lives.


  • 599 boys and girls were immunized, protecting them from dangerous diseases like measles, diphtheria and polio!


Our loyal and generous Africa Orphan Rescuers have helped to bring amazing changes to the lives of many vulnerable children, including Joseph. 


Joseph hasn’t always been the happy, smiling, healthy looking boy you see in these photo.
He lost both of his parents in tragic circumstances before he was three years old, and since then has been living with his grandmother. Like many women living alone in this part of Kenya, Joseph’s grandmother made an income by selling charcoal. But she was very poor, and earned barely enough for her and Joseph to survive on.

Thanks to our supporters generousity, Joseph is now benefiting from essential health care, nutritious food, clean water and access to education at an Early Childhood Care and Development Centre.

The wonderful support is giving him real hope for a brighter future free from poverty.


It’s not just about the regular food and clean drinking water the support has helped pay for –
though these are enough to change a vulnerable child’s life.

It’s not just about the vaccines and healthcare that has been provided – though these are critical to the protection of vulnerable children against illness and disease.

And, it’s not just about the livelihoods the support has helped us to set up for the single parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who care for these children.

It’s about the whole package. It is about caring for orphaned and vulnerable children and bringing real change to a child’s life. It’s about bringing hope for a better and brighter future.

With your continued support we know we can make a real impact.


Not only will your support assist us to help more orphans and vulnerable children with food, water and healthcare, but it will also help us to distribute 5,000 mosquito nets, train 20 caregivers at early childhood development centres and 40 community health workers to identify health problems in children so that they can be helped.


For more information on how you can become a Orphan Rescuer for children like Joseph, please visit our Africa Orphan Rescue page or give us a call on 0800 808 822.

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