ChildFund's Africa Orphan Rescue, a regular giving programme to support orphans and vulnerable children in Africa is providing food, water and education to some of the world's most vulnerable children.

Lives blossom with basic support

Life is already tough for a child living in poverty. And when a child loses a parent, life becomes much harder.

Moyo's father died when he was very young. His widowed mother has paralysis of the legs and cannot work. She even has trouble doing the most basic household chores, leaving Moyo's 70 year-old grandmother to gather and sell firewood to support their family.

 As she explains, "Life is difficult but we are getting by day by day."

For all her hard work she makes little more than a dollar a day. Most of this is used to buy food. Even so, there are days when Moyo must miss meals.

Since receiving support from ChildFund New Zealand's Africa Orphan Rescue programme and attending his local Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centre, Moyo's life has blossomed. Moyo is given a good nutritious meal every day and has started receiving regular health checks. You will be pleased to know that Moyo is now at the expected weight for his age.

Because of the supplements he receives, his concentration has improved and he is enjoying his schooling, especially learning how to read, write and do sums. This has made his mother and grandmother happy. They hope that by getting an education Moyo will one day be able to improve the family's situation.

Moyo dreams of growing up and one day becoming a teacher. "I want to buy land, food for my family and a big house!"

Thanks to you, Moyo now has a greater chance of surviving into adulthood and being able to provide for his family. His basic needs are also being met through access to clean drinking water, nutritious food and valuable skills like reading and writing. Right now though, he can do what makes him most happy - playing with his friends at school.

Moyo, when asked what he would like to say to the people from New Zealand who are helping him and his family, said "Ashe Oleng" because he wanted to say Thank You!

Join Africa Orphan Rescue today and help change the lives of orphans like Moyo.

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