31 May 2019

An amazing visit to Luangwa, Zambia – as told by our sponsors!

Meeting your sponsored child is a life-changing experience…

Sponsoring a child is an incredible opportunity to build a relationship with a child living in poverty. At ChildFund New Zealand, we are always hearing heart-warming stories from sponsors who have been writing letters and sharing photos with children for decades. From time-to-time, we also hear from supporters who get the amazing opportunity to travel to an international community and actually get the chance meet their sponsored child, and see what their support is doing to help.

Recently, Neil and Diana, sponsors from the Wellington area, travelled to Zambia and shared about their experience meeting Mildred, their sponsored child. 

Read all about the experience below, as told by Neil and Diana.


We are now back in New Zealand after having a fantastic trip to Africa. There were lots of highlights but the trip to see Mildred  and her family was the most moving experience. ChildFund Zambia looked after us very well and the whole trip went very smoothly, especially shopping for groceries and trying to teach us some basic greetings to use when we got there.

When we arrived, we met with Norman (the interpreter) who did an excellent job! Mildred came out to meet us which was very nice - she showed us that she had kept all of the letters we had sent. Her family and extended family were very welcoming. We had lots of laughs comparing New Zealand and Zambia, mainly thanks to Norman.

Mildred’s Mum showed us how she balances things on her head. We had a lovely meal and the family seemed to like the gifts we brought.

It was a long drive but very worthwhile. Back in Lusaka we went to the main office and had a debrief and gained a better idea of the extent of the work ChildFund is doing in Zambia. It was interesting to note that the area in which Mildred lives is completely supported by New Zealand sponsors and that quite a few actually visit each year.

Everyone we have spoken to have commented that it is good to know that the donations are being used wisely and getting to where it can make the most difference.

Thank you and ChildFund for helping to make this happen.

Kind regards,

Neil and Diana


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Visiting your sponsored child is an amazing experience!

Sponsoring a child is an incredible opportunity to build a relationship with a child living in a low-income community overseas. Learn more!

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