June 2011 marks a special birthday for ChildFund New Zealand, 21 years in New Zealand. ChildFund has been working overseas for more than 70 years but it was only in 1990 that New Zealanders were able to sponsor children through ChildFund or CCF as it was then. To celebrate our Kiwi 21st, a different staff member of ChildFund New Zealand is posting every day of June. On this first day of June, our first post is from Carol from the Sponsor Services Team, who make and receive many calls a day.


By Carol Morphew, Sponsor Services Co-ordinator

Wow. History in the making and I am a part of this.

I have the honour of doing the first blog post for our birthday celebrations in June. How great is that?

“21 today, 21 today, 21 today.”

How often have we heard that phrase in our own lives?

And so we move in to a celebration, ChildFund New Zealand coming of age. Twenty-one years in New Zealand serving needy children overseas. Wow. Age and a magic number of 21. Certainly not my age (I’m closer to 3x that) and my sojourn here at ChildFund has been only one-fifth of that number.

Working at ChildFund can be as daunting as it is awesome.

Daunting because the challenge in hand is seemingly so enormous. How do you get the message through to sponsors and would be sponsors that their help is needed? Sometimes the task seems insurmountable to say the least. So many children needing help, not so many people prepared or able to put their hand up.

At best we simply need to tell it like it is. At the end of the day that is what we share with people to let them know what is happening to these children who so desperately need help. The truth will prevail. We know we get a response from serious committed people this way.

Awesome, is the feeling that happens to us when we connect a needy child with a new sponsor. It is really quite magical in many respects. You know that the difference it makes to any child is beyond words. Who can really know how that child feels when told you now have a sponsor in a country far away known as New Zealand? To have an opportunity to do more than survive, to perhaps be able to attend school for the first time, to have a meal when you are starving, to be treated for an illness, to have a roof over your head, to have some shoes to walk to school in, to have clean water to drink and perhaps be fortunate enough to get access to a toilet. Many of these things we take for granted.

Daunting as it is and as awesome as it gets this is possibly one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. When you can go home at the end of the day knowing you have made a difference to even one child at a time makes it worth the effort it takes. Maybe some of these children will now have the opportunity to grow up and to come of age. The odds of them reaching the age of 21 have increased exponentially.
Have you sponsored a child today?

Congratulations ChildFund New Zealand on an incredible 21 years so far.

Have a fantastic day!

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