This update from Kenya shows just how much Molly's life has changed since she was filmed for ChildFund's Africa Orphan Rescue ad.

Molly is now ten years old and still living with her grandparents. She is now in primary school in standard seven and next year she will be in standard eight, which is the last class of primary school. She is in good health. She is still enrolled in the ChildFund sponsorship program and has a sponsor.

Molly’s grandmother now runs a small scale business which involves selling vegetables. Her grandfather is unemployed, and lately he has been unwell and cannot hold the casual jobs that he used to perform. Molly remains the face of ChildFund’s Africa Orphan Rescue, helping other children join ChildFund Programmes.

Molly’s future looks a lot brighter thanks to the help of generous Kiwis through Africa Orphan Rescue. Thank you to all who continue to respond to Molly’s story.

For more information about how to help provide basic needs to vulnerable children in Africa, please visit the Africa Orphan Rescue page.

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