Cassandra, ChildFund’s Supporter Development Manager, has decided to take on the Live Below the Line Challenge.  She will be spending $2.25 or less for 5 days this week to experience what it’s like to live below the poverty line, and she’ll be sharing her thoughts about the challenge with us.

I went shopping yesterday, with my measely $11.25 – down to the Asian grocer at the end of the road to rifle around for some bargains.

Here’s what I got:  – 1 kg of rice = $1.78 (amazing bulk deal!) – 5 applies = $0.59 – 1/4 celery = $0.49 – 2 bok choy = $0.49 – 3 onions = $0.84 – 3 potatoes = $1.16 – 10 kiwifruit = $0.99 – 170g chickpeas = $0.76 – 230g black beans = $1.45 – 150g kidney beans = $0.95 – 50g seasame seeds = $0.35 – 5 carrots = $1.23 – little bit of salt and chilli powder = $0.15 (estimate) TOTAL = $11.23

I was actually surprised at how much I could get for my money if I was careful, but I certainly had to make a lot of trade offs – no flavoursome veggies or exotics, and cheap veggies and grains also mean poorer quality – my apples are bruised, my onions are a bit soft, and my beans are old and splitting. Also no spices, sauces, oil, soy milk, cereal, or coffee.

It’s going to be an interesting week without coffee, chocolate, bread, and quick-and-easy meals. Everything I plan to eat will require quite a bit of preparation and that’s not usually my style.

Well, wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted how I get on as the days progress.

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