Shanthi can’t stop smiling as she hops and skips in her new shoes and socks. She lives in the Kilinochchi district of Sri Lanka. After years of difficulties because of the war, her family has returned to their village to start life again.

The family is poor and they often skip meals, but education is a priority. Shanthi and her three siblings used to get up at dawn to walk seven kilometers to school – with no shoes or socks!

“Our feet were often bruised and our soles bled because of sharp objects like stones and roots,” says Shanthi. “We got sores on our toes and injured our heels. It was worse during the monsoon rains when we tried to be good students attending school regularly.

“I used to dream about wearing shoes to school and walking to school without any pain or injuries,” she adds.

“I have no words to express the happiness I felt when I heard about the shoes and socks we would receive. I was overjoyed. All the way home after school that day I was thinking and talking about this with my brother and sisters. I felt like dancing!

“I want to thank ChildFund for this wonderful gift which made my dream come true!” she says.

You'll feel like dancing too when you gift a pair of Shoes and Socks from our Gifts that Grow catalogue and make a child like Shanthi's dreams come true.

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