Ten villages in Cao Bang, Vietnam, now have the the information and support to meet their sanitation needs. This means that more children are gaining access to clean toilets, keeping them safe from the spread of disease.

With your support, community members have been taught, through People's Committee communication events which aim to bring about Community-led total sanitation, the importance of building, improving, upgrading and repairing toilets, as well as how to determine the best type of toilet for their requirements.

This has resulted in families now prioritising the building of safe and hygienic toilets and communities promoting the importance of both individual and collective hygiene. 

“Before my family had access to a latrine, I went to the toilet in [the] open air and near the pig pen,” says Kim, aged 11. “I didn’t feel safe or comfortable at all. I only dared to go to the toilet in daylight because I am scared of the surroundings when it got dark. 

I feel very happy that my family now has a latrine. I can go to the toilet any time. It’s clean and safe.”

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