Noorkisaruni and her eight year old grandson are just two of 1000 residents who have benefited from an extension to a water pipeline that was funded by ChildFund New Zealand. The 24,000 litre tank, tap and trough have significantly reduced the time women and children spend collecting water, cutting the distance travelled to fetch the daily supply of water by up to six and a half kilometres.


Noorkisaruni is responsible for collecting the water for her household, which includes four grandchildren she’s been left to care for, following the death of her daughter-in-law. Each day she fills two 20 litre containers, which she straps to her donkey to transport back to her home. Around 10 litres is used by the family for drinking, cooking and washing dishes, and another 10 litres for handwashing and bathing.

We are very grateful to New Zealand and happy for this project,’ Noorkisaruni says. Other community members also told ChildFund New Zealand how appreciative they were. ‘Before, we used to get water from very far away. We have love for you because you have really helped us out of your hearts,’ said a young mother.

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