04 November 2019

Can taking part in sports save lives?

More than 1,200 students from Emali join ChildFund Kenya for a Sports Day

For Kiwi kids, being part of a sports group may not seem that special. However, for many children living in rural Kenya, taking part in organised sporting activities doesn’t happen very often. 

Thanks to ChildFund supporters, and Kenya’s Department of Sports, an organised Sports Day was recently implemented in Emali, Kenya. More than 1,200 children from eight schools travelled to Nembuya Primary School, to help nurture their sports abilities and skills for the future. 

Keeping children safe is a priority for us at ChildFund, so in addition to track and field and other sporting games, ChildFund took the opportunity to share important lessons about child protection with children, their parents, and community members who were present. 

The day also included first aid training for teachers from all eight schools, including distribution of first aid kits in case children were injured. 

So, can taking part in sports save lives? With the right programming, it certainly can! 


Learn more about the life-changing impact of our ChildFund Pass It Back sport-for-development programme: www.childfundpassitback.org

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