In Zambia, your support will help rehabilitate the Kavalamanja health centre - which serves a population of 1,000 people - including re-roofing, plumbing, painting, constructing 5 toilets, improving staff housing, providing safe drinking water and electricity and building a maternity ward.


In rural Sri Lanka, students will have access to computers and the Internet for the first time, with your support helping to build a new technology centre. The pilot project will enhance learning opportunities and open up the world to students.


in 2017, building on water and sanitation projects that have been established throughout Emali, Kenya, community members will be engaged in activities that promote safe drinking water and good hygiene practices. These actions will involve the demonstration and training of different techniques and methods used to purify water. In addition, water treatments will be provided to Early Childhood Development centres throughout this area.

Child Protection

Children in Cao Bang, Vietnam, will continue to have access to child clubs in 2017, thanks to your support. These clubs provide a safe space for children and young people to take part in social activities, learn important information and develop life skills.


Your support will help a further 250 young people in Timor-Leste receive business and vocational training to help them secure jobs or start their own businesses. More than just addressing youth unemployment, your support will eventually help to change the economic future of the country!

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