Mealtimes have changed dramatically for Lashani, aged 5, who lives in the Singing Fish area of Sri Lanka, now that her family is raising chickens. 

Today, she can count on a regular supply of delicious and protein rich eggs, with excess eggs providing an additional source of  sustainable income for her family to meet basic needs. While Lashani used to be weak and malnourished, she’s now healthy and strong and ready to take on the world! 

And thanks to people like you, many more families just like hers have this same opportunity to improve their incomes and opportunities for a brighter future, as well as to better meet the vital nutritional needs of growing children.

Thank you for ensuring children living in poverty have a chance at a better future! To support more children like Lashani, become a regular giver today.

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Read how families in Sri Lanka are rearing chickens for eggs and to generate a sustainable source of income thanks to the support of kind Kiwis!

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