In 2012, more than 1600 Kiwi Child Essential Supporters helped protect thousands of children in Zambia from malaria and reduced new malaria cases by half.

Regular gifts by Child Essential Supporters made it possible to purchase and distribute mosquito nets to 2,800 families in Luangwa, Zambia.  These nets protect children and their families from malaria, the number one killing disease in Zambia.

Thanks to the new mosquito nets, malaria cases in Luangwa have already more than halved, reduced by 58.2%. 

An additional 900 nets have been retreated with insecticide to allow them to continue to protect children from the disease.  Support from the Child Essentials programme has also helped teach families about malaria prevention and how to recognise early symptoms.

Adele, a mother living in Luangwa, received two mosquito nets and has already seen improvements in her children's health.

When you have a child suffering from malaria, you are forced to cancel your livelihood activities and house chores. After receiving two mosquito nets for my two under five children and using them acording to the way we were sensitised by our malaria control agents, cases of malaria in my family have not been as much as before.

Andrew (pictured right) and Honour, both 9 years old, are among the children who benefited from the mosquito net distribution.

"My mother puts a mosquito net over my bed every night when I sleep to chase away mosquitoes.  My friend (Honour) told me his grandmother covers him also." - Andrew

"Mosquito net is good because mosquitoes don't bit me.  Grandmother says I will not be sick.  I like playing football with Andrew." - Honour 

This year Child Essentials support will focus on children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. To help children like Andrew and Honour, please join Child Essentials today.

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