05 November 2019

Child sponsorship changes the lives of children in need

Meet Kathujan, a boy whose learning has improved since being sponsored through ChildFund

In many regions around the world, school attendance is poor and learning is limited. In Batticaloa, a community where New Zealanders sponsor children, ChildFund is working to improve access to and quality of education. 

Kathujan, 12, lives in Batticaloa. He’s the youngest of four children, living with his parents who are daily wage earners. Prior to becoming a sponsored child through ChildFund, Kathujan struggled with school. Daily lessons were difficult and he often left school frustrated. As a result, Kathujan would return home each day lacking motivation to continue. 

Thanks to child sponsorship, ChildFund was able to bring special mentors into Kathujan’s classroom to help with his performance. These mentors used a number of different appraches and activities, like play, to help him and his peers to learn in new (and interesting) ways. 

Through these activities, Kathujan was able to take an interest in school and, in time, his literacy and numeracy significantly improved. Soon, he could write simple words, identify different sounds, and form small sentences. In addition, Kathujan has been learning more complex skills in maths, and is now confident with numerical equations. 

“I can see a drastic change in Kathujan’s numeracy and literacy,” said Kathujan’s classroom teacher. 

What’s been even more exciting is the growth of Kathujan’s leadership skills during this time. From a boy who was disinterested in learning, now he is taking up the lead role in the classroom. 

He wanted to give a special mention to his mentors from the Vavunathivu Development Organization, as well as a special thanks to all of the donors at ChildFund New Zealand who have helped to improve his education.

With your support children like Kathujan are able to gain access to the support that they need to thrive in their community.


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