23 September 2019

ChildFund Pass It Back athletes take part in the Rugby World Cup 2019 Opening Ceremonies in Japan

Watch as children from ChildFund-supported communities wave the country flags!

For those of us at ChildFund, watching New Zealand dominate South Africa in rugby wasn't the top highlight of our weekend, though it was quite an amazing way to kick off Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. 

The real excitement for us happened on Friday evening during the Rugby World Cup 2019 opening ceremonies, and watching as the ChildFund and World Rugby partnership was displayed for the world to see. 

Starting at 10:50, viewers can see children wearing ChildFund Pass It Back shirts and holding flags from each country represented at Rugby World Cup 2019. Children like 14-year-old Thuong, who waved the New Zealand flag! 

Thuong lives in a ChildFund-supported community in Vietnam, and he has been playing rugby through ChildFund Pass It Back for more than two years. He travelled to Japan, along with 14 other ChildFund Pass It Back athletes, to be flag-bearers for the opening ceremonies. 

Take a look at Thuong as he proudly waves the New Zealand flag at 11:40! 

To learn more about the ChildFund Pass It Back programme and our incredible partnership with World Rugby, please visit www.childfundpassitback.org

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