A powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Nepal just before midday on Saturday, 25 April, killing more than 1800 people, collapsing homes and historic temples, and triggering avalanches on Mt Everest.


ChildFund, which has been working in Nepal for 10 years, is responding.


“Our primary concern is for the care and protection of children affected by this terrible disaster,” says ChildFund New Zealand CEO Paul Brown.


“I appeal to the hearts and minds of all New Zealanders, while we were remembering Gallipoli 100 years on, families in Nepal were going through their own hell, and still are. Kiwis understand earthquakes and we have a deep affinity with Nepal. I appeal to New Zealanders to help the many families affected in Nepal at this time.” 


UN OCHA estimates more than 6.6 million people are affected by the earthquake. Initial government reports confirm that 30 out of 75 districts in the country have been affected – about 40 per cent of the country. The earthquake was also felt across the region – India, Tibet, China and Bangladesh.


Donations can be made here.


Images: Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

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