25 October 2019

ChildFund staff member travels to Zambia to meet children suffering from drought

Marie Chan, ChildFund campaign manager, shares what she'll be bringing to Luangwa, Zambia

ChildFund New Zealand is committed to improving the lives of children and youth in the communities where we have long-term development programmes. Luangwa, a community in southern Zambia where we work, has recently been facing food insecurity, child malnutrition, and a shortage of clean and safe drinking water, due to a severe drought. ChildFund has been responding to the drought by providing safe drinking water, food and recovery packs to families who have been affected most.

To learn more about the drought and its impact on the families living in Luangwa, ChildFund New Zealand staff member (and child sponsor), Marie Chan, is departing for Zambia this week. Read all about her trip, here.

We asked Marie to share with us a few of the essential items she is bringing with her on her long journey to Luangwa, Zambia. 

What's in my bag?


By Marie Chan

I’m really looking forward to visiting Zambia. It’s my first time travelling to a ChildFund dedicated community, and I can’t wait to experience it all for the first time. As a sponsor of a child in Zambia, I am particularly interested in seeing first-hand how the drought is impacting the daily lives of children and families in Luangwa.

I’ve been prepared by the team in Zambia, and my packing has been done. Here are a few of the items which I will be sure not to leave home without:

  1. A wide-brimmed hat: Due to the severe drought, I have been warned to be prepared for extremely hot weather. A hat will protect me from the sun and will provide needed shade to reduce the risk of sun or heat stroke.
  2. Insect repellant: In the region of Zambia where I will be travelling, malaria is a huge risk. Malaria is transmitted by mosquito, and so a strong insect repellant will reduce that risk. I will also be sleeping under mosquito bed nets, and will be taking anti-malaria medication to further reduce the deadly risk of malaria.
  3. Christmas gift: While in Zambia, I will be meeting my sponsored child’s family, so I have packed a few small gifts for the family.
  4. Earplugs: I have trouble sleeping on airplanes, so I need I the help I can get!
  5. NZ treats: While in Zambia, I will be tasting many new foods. So, when I visit with the team at ChildFund Zambia, I’ll be sharing a few Jaffa lollies with them, so they can have a small taste of New Zealand.
  6. Memory card: While visiting the children and families who have been affected by drought in Luangwa, I’ll be taking a lot of photos and videos to share with our supporters. I don’t want to run out of space on my phone, so this memory card will surely help.
  7. Electronic door alarm: While it’s relatively safe in Zambia, it’s always best to take precautions to be as secure and safe as possible at night.
  8. Kiwi passport: Can’t leave home without it!

Be sure to stay connected with us while Marie is in Zambia. She will be sharing photos on our blog, here, and on our facebook and Instagram accounts over the next week. Also, tune in on Tuesday, 12 November at 5:30pm, when we interview Marie about her trip on Facebook Live!  

If you’d like to learn more about the drought in Zambia and the urgent needs of the children living in Luangwa, please visit https://gifts.childfund.org.nz/urgent-gifts-for-zambia  

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