03 July 2019

Children around the world are eager to learn

On a recent visit to Thailand, we challenged children to find New Zealand on the map.

No matter where they live, children love to learn. Nowhere is this more evident than in low-income communities, where kids will overcome great barriers just to attend classes. Despite their thirst for knowledge, there are approximately 18 million children around the world who are not currently attending school.

In the communities where ChildFund works, our focus is to help children thrive. This includes ensuring children have access to quality education and opportunities for learning, regardless of where they were born.

On a recent visit to Thailand to see some of ChildFund’s work with rural communities, we visited a classroom of young students eager to learn. After sharing about various cultures and traditions from New Zealand, we challenged students to go to the world map and find our little country.

It was quite amazing to watch as the students rushed to the map to participate in the map-plotting exercise. Despite some difficulties, the students enjoyed the exercise and, after a few minutes, were able to find New Zealand.

With your contributions, and the help of our local partners, ChildFund has committed to a variety of long-term projects, including teacher training, school feeding programmes, as well as the improved access to educational opportunities for children and youth.

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